Impressive blog theme for the Site Editor

Built for speed

Headers & Footers

Take full control of your header and footer. Import a predefined pattern and adjust it to suit your needs or simply build one from scratch using any WordPress or third-party block. You can also build headers & footers for specific templates.

Full-color control

With Mendo, you can use the theme-defined color palette, the WordPress core colors or you can even define your own custom colors and use them across your website. You can also easily define gradients and duotones.

Customize your website with patterns

Carefully designed patterns are available for every area of your website, including the header, footer, blog archive and single posts, 404 page, etc. Even more patterns are available in the premium version, so you can get a jump start on building your website.

Global styles

Choose one of the predefined styles and instantly change your website’s look and feel with a single click using the Global Styles feature. Take things further and customize the style you’ve chosen to perfectly match your brand.


Easily import in 1-click

Do more with Mendo Pro

Take your website to the next level

This feature allows users to quickly navigate back to the top of a web page with a single click

Gain easy access to all Google Fonts and host them locally. This way you will have no worries about GDPR.

Promote your social media profiles in a stylish floating icons bar.

Let your users easily share content across multiple social media platforms with the built-in Social Share block.

Add entrance animations to any element inside the editor. Make elements fade, slide in, etc.

These pre-built patterns allow you to quickly customize the look & feel of your header and footer.

Mendo Pro offers an additional five blog layouts. You can insert these layouts easily through patterns.

With Mendo Pro, you can control the visibility on desktops or mobiles for any WordPress core or third-party block.

Create contact forms with ease by taking advantage of our beautifully designed contact patterns.

Save time with these carefully designed styles are available for a wide range of blocks and help your website stand out.

Make an impression from the beginning by using one of the beautiful hero patterns that are available in Mendo Pro.

Get a head start on your post or page design by using one of our pre-made headers.

We are happy to offer priority support to our premium users and try to answer all queries in 24 hours.

Upgrade to Mendo Pro

Mendo Pro is a plugin that adds extra features to our free Mendo theme

  • Standard features
  • Regular support

$59 / year

  • All Mendo Pro features
  • Unlimited sites
  • Priority support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • All current and future demos
  • Cancel anytime

Please note: Mendo Pro is a plugin so you install it from Plugins > Add New.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to renew every year?

No. Your website will continue to work just fine after the first year even if you don’t renew your subscription. If you do renew, you continue receiving updates and support.
Don’t want to worry about renewing? You can purchase a lifetime license.

What’s your refund policy?

Updates for Mendo Pro show up in your dashboard, just like for any other plugin. You just have to add your license key when you first install the plugin.

How do I receive updates for Mendo Pro?

Updates for Mendo Pro show up in your dashboard, just like for any other plugin. You just have to add your license key when you first install the plugin.

How do I install Mendo Pro?

Mendo Pro is a plugin so you would install it from Plugins > Add New.

Can I cancel anytime?

Sure thing, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.